Our Services

We offer a flexible interdisciplinary system of care that focuses on making sure your child is receiving the right services to best address their unique needs.

Each client has access to hands-on therapy from a behaviour consultant, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, and behavioural interventionist. The level of service from each discipline can be tailored to fit your child.

Our services are not diagnostic dependent and will never end due to your child reaching a certain age.

Clinical Services

Behaviour Consultant

Behaviour Consultants are responsible for the assessment, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of ABA-based individualized intervention programs that address a variety of behaviour; including, but not limited to, self-injury, social relationships, independent living skills, and disruptive behaviour. Behaviour Consultants are responsible for on-going evaluation of such programs using evidence-based research on effective interventions as well as data collection procedures.

Occupational Therapist

The occupational therapist tackles assessment, treatment, and development of programs in the areas of sensory processing skills, self regulation, gross and fine motor skills, and activities of daily living (play, feeding, dressing, bathing, toileting and sleep).

Speech Language Pathologist

The speech language pathologist is involved with assessment and development of programs to treat speech and language delays. This may include verbal and non-verbal receptive and expressive language as well as articulation disorders.

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy introduces new foods to picky eaters in a safe, play-based environment.

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Behavioural intervention is a type of behaviour modification therapy that uses reinforcement to intervene in behaviours that could negatively affect a child’s life.

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We offer several groups to provide therapy in a themed, play-based environment alongside peers at similar skill levels.

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Clinical Counselling

We provide both art and music therapy with accredited therapists.

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