All of our groups have been reformatted this year and we think you will like it! Within this new structure, you will find more variety for meeting your child’s social goals and a wider range of therapeutic content. Children and teens with or without a current diagnosis are welcome.

Each group is led by a Lead Behavioural Interventionist and supported by a Behavioural Interventionist. Weekly group supervision is provided by a Behavioural Consultant.

Curriculum: Groups are based on the Social Thinking Curriculum and strive to integrate these concepts in a fun and natural way. Additional goals are added to each group based on individual therapeutic needs, observations from the Behavioural Consultant and specific parent/guardian requests.

Cost: $67.50 for 1.5 hours (1 session of group) per week. This cost includes Clinical supervision, Lead Behavioral Interventionist and an assistant Behavioral Interventionist. Additional needs will be billed separately. All registered group clients will be billed for the entire module. Group fees can be paid via ASD funding or private pay.

Cancellation Policy: 2 weeks notice is required to withdraw from a group. Outside of the 2 week withdraw notice, all missed sessions will be charged at the full rate. Group rates include planning time, materials, Clinical oversight, reports, and data tracking; all of which are included in the weekly fee.

Dates and Times: All groups will run in two modules, September-December and January 6th-June 25th (excluding March 16th-March 27th for Spring Break). Each group will be once a week, from 3:30-5:00 pm.

Location: Groups are located in the basement of the City Light Church (550 Obed Ave). Additional indoor and outdoor locations may be included, based on specific group goals.


Connections Group registration is open year long. Please email Ikjot Kaur (Group Coordinator) at for group registration forms and more info. Each child will be placed in a group based on similar ages, interests and compatibility with the other group members.

New Clients: All new clients must do a one hour intake screening meeting, as well as at least one, one hour intervention session at Little Steps – to assess their strengths and needs prior to being placed in a group.

Children attending groups will have the comfort of knowing that the members in their group are in a similar age cohort and are there to improve their social skills. Being able to share experiences and establish peer relationships are key skills in life. Connections Groups are an ideal place for children to build on these social skills and grow to their full potential. Register now!

Current Connections Groups

Social Dynamics A

Introducing the trademark Social Thinking concepts from Books 1-5. Includes the topics: thoughts and feelings, group plan, thinking with your eyes, body in the group, and whole body listening.



Social Dynamics B

Building on the Social Thinking concepts from Books 1-5 and introducing the second set of trademark social thinking concepts from Books 6-10. Includes the additional topics of: smart guesses, flexible and stuck thinking, size of a problem, and sharing imagination.



Social Dynamics C

Introducing the pre-teen concepts of trademark Social Thinking curriculum, while learning to apply all concepts within various social settings.



 Girls Group

Introducing and applying the trademark Social Thinking concepts of Social Thinking Books 1-10.