Teens and Young Adults

We offer a flexible interdisciplinary system of care that focuses on making sure teens and young adults are receiving the right services to best address their unique needs and to help them and their families succeed in school environments and adult life after school ends.

Goals addressed through these services can be continued and modified as teens age and develop their skills.

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Our clients have access to hands-on therapy from behaviour consultants, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, clinical counsellors, and behavioural interventionists.

The level of service from each discipline can be tailored to fit your teen’s needs and your family’s goals.

Our services do not require a diagnosis and will never end due to your child reaching a certain age.


Connections is a great alternative to individual intervention sessions for children 5-16 years old. Teen-only groups are available.

Connections exposes children to a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary program. All groups receive supervision from Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Behavioural Consultants. Children attend their groups with the same peers throughout the year, allowing them to generalize their skills and knowledge with different adults, and to develop relationships within their peer group.


Behavioural intervention is an individual or small group behaviour modification therapy that uses reinforcement to intervene in behaviours that could negatively affect a child’s life.


Clinical counselling can be used to help children and youth address a number of concerns. 


Is your teen a picky eater?

Feeding therapy introduces new foods to picky eaters in a safe, play-based environment to help families address feeding-related concerns that may be having a negative effect on their daily lives.