Staff Info

Lynn Martindale


Lynn Martindale is the Director of Finances at Little Steps Therapy Services.

Victoria Coward



Victoria started at Little Steps in 2004 as an interventionist. Unsure at the time how to build a career out of her love for children, Victoria was excited to take any and all advice given to her by the clinical team at the time. Victoria completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Penn State and completed the requirements for the BCaBA certification.

After several years working as a Behaviour Consultant, Victoria was given the opportunity to become a partner within the organization. In 2015 Victoria became a Director of Little Steps, and also started a Master’s program through Penn State. In August of 2017, Victoria completed her Masters, as well as completed the requirements for the BCBA certification. Victoria is dedicated to providing quality therapeutic services for the children and youth in the Greater Victoria Area.

Alison Mead


Alison Mead is the Clinical Director and an Occupational Therapist at Little Steps Therapy Services.

Alison began working with Little Steps as an Occupational Therapist in 2006. She has been working with children with disabilities since she was a teenager through respite and camp work. Ali enjoys being able to spend her days playing with children and is continuously inspired by the kids and families she works with. Ali plans to pursue further education in the area of Feeding Therapy.


Elaine McGoogan

Speech Language Pathologist

BSc (Hons)

Elaine McGoogan is a Speech Language Pathologist at Little Steps Therapy Services.

Elaine joined Little Steps Therapy Services’ team of clinical staff in 2013 after moving to Victoria from Scotland. Elaine has been working with children since 1995 and was involved in developing services in secondary schools for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning challenges that affected their communication skills. Elaine is continuously inspired by the nature and speed of language development she sees in her clients.



James Donovan

Speech Language Pathologist

James Donovan is a Speech Language Pathologist at Little Steps Therapy Services.

James has been with Little Steps Therapy Services since 2013. He enjoys being part of a supportive team and seeing the progress his clients work hard to make.

Jen Darby

Behaviour Consultants

Jen Darby is the Volunteer Coordinator and a Behaviour Consultant at Little Steps Therapy Services.

Maria Bruno

Behaviour Consultants

Laurence Filion

Occupational Therapists


Laurence Filion is an Occupational Therapist at Little Steps Therapy Services, she completed her Master of Occupational Therapy in 2015 at the University of Montreal. After Graduating, Laurence went on to pursue her interest in pediatrics. She has post-graduate training in SOS Approach to Feeding Therapy, Executive Functioning, Handwriting Without Tears, and The Zones of regulation. She will complete her Social Thinking curriculum in November 2018.  Laurence is skilled using a play-based approach with therapy and making things fun. When she is not working, Laurence can be found gardening, cooking, and running around Victoria.

Nathalia Gagnon

Clinical Counselling


Nathalia Gagnon is a trained art therapist working at Little Steps Therapy Services. Nathalia joined the team of clinical staff in 2016 and has been working with children and youth since 2007. She has been involved in schools, hospital, psychiatric facility and community agencies.

Through art therapy, Nathalia focuses on the positive aspects of developmental pathways that can engage the innate resources of children’s bodies, brains, minds and heart by redefining challenges as unique creative opportunities.

Audriana Monteiro


Audriana Monteiro is a physiotherapist at Little Steps Therapy Services.

Audriana graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master’s in Physical Therapy and has been working at Little Steps since 2017. She began working with children in her late teens and has experience working with children in child development centres, hospitals, and community settings. As a physiotherapist Audriana is passionate about empowering children through play and movement to develop confidence in their motor skills.

Dawn Harris

Therapy Assistant

Dawn Harris is a Speech and Language Pathology Assistant at Little Steps Therapy Services.

Paul Voll

Senior Behavioural Interventionists

Paul Voll is the Social Thinking Co-Ordinator and Senior Interventionist at Little Steps Therapy Services.

Alexandra Donovan

Senior Behavioural Interventionists

Alexandra Donovan is the Interventionist Supervisor, and Practicum Coordinator at Little Steps Therapy Services.

Alexandra moved to Canada from Germany in 1992 after completing a 5 year training program as a ” Nationally Recognized Educator”, equivalent to a degree in Child and Youth Care but with a stronger emphasis in teaching. She has worked in a variety of settings, from private homes, group homes, preschools/kindergartens, occupational therapy and school settings.

She joined Little Steps in 2008. Currently as Senior BI and the Interventionist Supervisor, Alexandra provides 1:1 and group intervention as well as manages and supervises all Interventionists and practicum students as well as helping to train new staff.