Professional Development

We offer several options for individuals or groups who want to expand their training and knowledge to best support neurodivergent children and youth.


We offer a hands-on training program for anyone who is or will be responsible for the care of a child with additional needs including developmental or learning challenges.

Trainees receive 10-20 hours of hands-on experience working with Senior Behaviour Interventionists in our multi-disciplinary center. Training can be specially catered to the trainee’s specific requirements and/ or interests.

Trainees observe a variety of techniques while working through speech, behaviour, and occupational therapy programming through play activities.

What’s Included:

  • A combination of theoretical and hands-on training
  • Observations of a variety of approaches with different clients and interventionists
  • Access to research journals, training videos, and on-site resources
  • Access to a highly trained team of staff who are able to knowledgeably answer specific questions and provide directed guidance
  • Hands-on experience with a variety of supports including P.E.C.S., P.O.D.D., visual schedules, token boards, and other visual supports

Potential trainees must:

  • Have a clean criminal record check
  • Sign an oath of confidentiality prior to beginning training

Trainees from all backgrounds and skill levels are welcome!

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Do you have a team of staff working with children who require additional needs? Is there an area of expertise you would like your staff to have more experience or training in?

Our expert clinical therapists are able to put together and present specially designed professional development workshops for teams working with children and youth who require additional needs, such as children with developmental or learning challenges.

Workshops on several topics may be available.

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